Who we are and what we do

We're a privately owned company built with no external funding and our goal is to offer access to enterprise‑level hosting services without the enterprise price tag.

We've got multiple points of presence spanning across the USA and Europe, and we can cover just about any company's hosting requirements, whether it is for a low latency environment, hosting critical applications, e-commerce websites or high bandwidth hosting requirements.

There are no contracts that you need to sign, or absurd clauses and hidden fees, so you can decide for yourself on the quality of our service without having to be locked in.

Feel free to explore our services as we have various sample configurations presented on the website, but if none of them seems to match your requirements, then please get in touch with us and we'll work out something specific to your needs.

Each dedicated server comes with quality hardware like 15K RPM SAS drives or Solid State Drives, multiple processors, up to 512GB RAM on some configurations, as well as great network connectivity to fit any requirements.

Dual E5 XEON (499$)
2 x Xeon E5 2650v2 (16 cores + 16 HT)
1000 mbps uplink w/ 500mbps bandwidth
2 x 240GB Intel SSD
RAID-1 (Software)
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Dedicated Servers

We can provide a wide array of dedicated servers to meet any requirements, from small websites to large multi-site WordPress installations, vBulletin & XenForo forums to multi-TB data crunching servers.

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High Bandwidth Servers

Our high bandwidth servers are perfect for file downloads, video streaming, either on demand or live, as well as any other bandwidth-intensive application you want to run.

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